Twitter and Facebook afford us a peephole into the minds of others, or at least, the parts of their minds that they want to share.  No co-incidence that the 140 characters or less microblogging giant is called Twitter.  Here we are with the most advanced means of communicating with each other in history, and what do we resort to, but mimicking  the behaviour of birds calling out to each other to mark territory, sound alarms and engage in the mating ritual.  I wonder what the Stanford Research Network Working Group would make of what we have done with their brainchild.

Velvet Verbosity – 100 Words

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Day Nine: Head deeper into the Blogosphere

NaBloPoMo January 2014Continuing my Zero to Hero efforts I followed instructions, headed deeper into the Blogosphere and in my travels found NaBloPoMo.  The topic for this month is “Pressure”, so I decided to have some of that too.

Starting tomorrow, if I’ve been learning my lessons correctly, my NaBloPoMo efforts should all be pinging back to this post.

Under Pressure – Queen

NaBloPoMo January 2014

Day Five: Love your theme

Trawled through the available free themes today, and finally settled on The Morning After.  I suspect that some of the features I have been admiring on other blogs come from the paid themes, but I really don’t want to fork out any money without getting a chance to really try it out first.  It would be helpful if the descriptions were more detailed, or showed a checklist of available tools, extra widgets maybe? I’m thinking of the sort of thing you see when comparing new handsets on a site like Vodafone or O2, or a site selling computers/laptops/tablets etc.