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Pressure: Writing

write-blog-post-fastDid you feel a lot of pressure with January’s NaBloPoMo?

At the beginning of this year, without actually calling it a resolution, I decided that I would like to pull the selection of blogs I have been dipping in and out of for the last five years into some kind of shape.  I have a blog for each of my pets where I post from time to time, attempting to develop a distinct voice for each blog that matches the personality of the dog or cat who “owns” it.  I do that for my own entertainment.  I also have this one, Occasional Stuff, which I was originally going to reserve for various rants about things like cheap, tatty election posters and how I got on with my first call to jury service, but I let it slide.  Wondering whether I should just shut this site down or find something to do with it, I cast round the Great Oracle, Google,for ideas, and discovered the concept of writing challenges.

I began following the WordPress Daily Prompts and Zero to Hero challenges, and about a week in to that, discovered NaBloPoMo January 2014.  Through January, I found that some of the challenge topics harmonised with each other, whether accidentally or by design, I don’t know.  Being realistic, I knew that it would not always be possible, during a working week, to come up with a minimum of two posts and follow all the tasks set by Zero to Hero so I translated the challenges from something to do every day into something to do for every day.    I also reminded myself that the title of this blog is “Occasional Stuff” and the tagline is “random stuff”, and because, when I set out my agenda for this blog on January 2 in Daily Prompt:  Progress, I decided that these will only change if Occasional Stuff meets the 10 points set out in that post.

To repeat, the reason I am doing this is for my own entertainment. If I felt any pressure other than to meet my own expressed desire to write more and better – if following the challenges becomes a chore, then I have defeated the purpose of this exercise.

NaBloPoMo January 2014  – Picture from Scalable Social Media – if you’ve been feeling pressure this month, you might like to read this – Under Pressure – Queen