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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Mini-mutt

Duby the Shitzu is a regular guest at Baskerville Manor.  Whenever he visits, he likes to hang around with Izzy.  Height-wise, he is about knee-high to Izzy when he is standing on his tiptoes.  When they both have their full coat and he is tucked up beside her, he practically disappears into the  background of her luxurious tresses.

Typically of his breed, he is quite the little Napoleon and does not seem to realise exactly how diminutive he is compared to the full-time residents of Baskerville Manor.  Poor Shiloh gets quite fed up when Duby stands his ground instead of moving politely out of the way, because the big guy simply sees him as a tripping hazard.

While Izzy is a very sweet-natured lady, with seemingly endless patience, Duby’s been known to demand that she back off from her dinner.  He does this by standing right in front of her as she is dining, and barking at her with his tiny head practically inside her mouth.  Anybody who has an Old English Sheepdog in their life will know that they have an impressive voice, and Izzy is no exception.  On one occasion, it all got too much, so she drew back, took a deep breath and let out a deep, powerful, basso bark that could have done duty as a foghorn.  The force of it was such that Duby’s ears blew backwards and he sat down with shock. Still barking, of course.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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Daily Prompt: Teach Your (Bloggers) Well

We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do.

This is a hard one.  Yes, I know how to do a certain number of things well (don’t we all) but what, among those things, would be of interest to my fellow citizens of the blogosphere?

Would anybody like to learn how to knit? Make an Access 2007 database? Spoil dogs? Develop a skill for proscratination?  Make spaghetti carbonara in the Venetian style? (My friend from Venice told me the Venetian style is different and superior from any other. Well, he would, wouldn’t he? It’s the way his mama makes it.)

There are so many people out there, so many interests, what, if anything, do they all have in common?  Blogging, right?  So today, although I can’t claim that I know everything there is to know about blogging, I will share something I learned this month while engaging various challenges.  That something is, if you include a picture with a cute animal in it, you are going to get a whole lot of likes!  I knew already from all those who are wise in the lore of blogging that no blog post is complete without a picture that draws the eye.  I think this  story proves the case. 

While working through the Zero to Hero lessons every day, I kept an eye on my blog stats, and sure enough, every time I posted with a nice picture, the views and the likes went up.  I’ve used different types of pictures, but without even counting the responses from visitors, I was sure that if I looked into the numbers, the top rated posts would be the ones with pictures of my pets.  I did wonder whether the dogs or the cats would be more popular, and I got my answer today when WordPress kindly gave me notice that I had reached an all-time record for my blog of 36 likes in one day.

Allowing for time differences, although I got the message today, I think the likes counted were for posts I made yesterday. What did I do yesterday?  I posted two pictures of members of my fluffy family. I saw the message mid-afternoon, and, feeling the need for more love, I added a short post about this – 36 Likes in One Day.  Almost immediately, I got a really encouraging message from Michelle W at King of States, and another 4 likes to add to the pot for today, so I am feeling very loved, thank you all for your kindness!

Checking the stats for yesterday I found the most popular post was Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition, featuring my very serious, formal, kitty friend – Mr Kit-Kat, observing some nervous fish. This beat my post  Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Shiloh’s Snack , featuring my gorgeous large labrador Shiloh eyeing some rice-cakes, by a whopping 75%.  Does this mean that cat pictures are more popular than dog pictures? Is it because rice-cakes are not that appetising?  I’m not sure yet, so I’m throwing this out to you. Honest, modest, Shiloh is waiting anxiously by my side, hoping he hasn’t been overlooked in the rush to admire the glamorous Mr Kit-Kat. Mr Kit-Kat, on the other hand, is snoozing complacently in his little bed, pending room service being delivered by his human staff.


Lesson for today:  Don’t forget, a good, well-composed picture that suits the topic will bring you even more kudos. 


Daily Prompt: Teach Your (Bloggers) Well – Picture from WeBit Informatika

Daily Prompt: Teaching

Thanks to Darren Purcell who took this picture during a photoshoot for the A Dog’s Life 2014 calendar, I have a picture of me with my dogs (they are very few and far between, because I’m usually at the other end of the camera). So here I am, demonstrating the “all carrot and no stick” approach to teaching dogs. 



Daily Prompt: Teach

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Shiloh’s snack

My lovely labrador Shiloh really likes his food. Unfortunately his previous owners allowed to become extremely obese and then dumped him in the pound, after 9 years.  Every day is a challenge – to get his weight down, but keep his typical labrador appetite satisfied.  So we get creative with the dog treats. Luckily, if it fits in his mouth, he’s quite happy. 


Here he is getting ready for his latest low-cal treat.


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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