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Day Twenty Eight: Build on your popular content.


Graph-300x300Find the post that has received the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post. 

WordPress stats tell me that my all-time most popular post is The Liebster Award – it wasn’t actually necessary to check the stats because the nature of this post was bound to attract visitors.  This one carried links to eleven other blogs, and invited their authors to write a post which linked back to mine.  The trick in this was they had to then link to another ten blogs in the same post, and as each person who accepted the invitation acted, the number of pingbacks to my original post increased exponentially.

This was a nice exercise, it provided an opportunity to give affirmations to other bloggers, I really liked getting my invitation and those who responded to me seemed to be very happy about receiving theirs. But this type of post isn’t something I would like to do regularly, because it would become tedious and possibly turn my blog into an out and out “selfie”. (And let’s face it, having a personal blog is a major selfie as it is – I like to keep up the pretence of having something interesting to say about a variety of topics, thank you very much).

After The Liebster Award, the second most popular post in the last month was my response to Daily Prompt: Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy – very few words, a cute picture of a cute black and white dog. No surprise there either – the more apt the picture, the more likely the casual viewer is to stop and take a good look.  Monochrome Chloe is set off beautifully against the two blocks of colour behind her.  I’ve got hot pink to draw attention and blue for a nice calming effect – and my model is just gorgeous.  The Facebook and Twitter shares, favourites and likes on this one were pretty good too.

You will see other ideas I have on this topic in my post tomorrow – Pressure: Influence.

Going forward, I’m not sure I want to rely on lists of other blogs to court visitors, but because I love and am very proud of my pets, you will see plenty of cute animal pictures Smile

Zero to Hero – Picture:  Healthcare Supplies