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This song was unleashed 50 years ago today

In case you’ve been living on another planet for the past 50 years, here’s some background to You Really Got Me

You can find a few other versions on this post

50 Day Song Challenge – #50 Your favourite song of all time


The Kinks: Strangers 1970

My all-time favourite song, co-incidentally written by my all-time favourite musician, Dave Davies.

50 Day Song Challenge – #38 Your favourite cover of a song

Songs from the Material World, 2003
Songs from the Material World, 2003

Give Me Love : Dave Davies – 2003

This is from Songs from the Material World, with versions of songs from the original delivered by friends and colleagues of George. Lovely, respectful versions, from some of the real greats of the rock world.

50 Day Song Challenge #23 A song you always play before a night out


She’s Got Everything – Dave Davies

Originally released by The Kinks in 1968 as the B-side to “Days”.

This is Dave Davies solo and live from 1997, but any version of this song will do for a spot of self-affirmation before going out to face the world.