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Day Twelve: From comment to blog post: be inspired by the community

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Liebster AwardWell this assignment is serendipitous.   I made quite a few comments yesterday, triggered by a very nice American pastor called Scott who chose to offer my blog the Liebster Award.  He did this by adding a comment my Daily Prompt: Fast Forward post, and replied to that comment accepting the award and the challenge that went with it.  The challenge is to answer ten questions he set me, and nominate ten more bloggers, setting them ten questions of my own. So my first comment of the day was “Thank you Scott – happy to accept the nomination and the challenge – I’m gearing up to do the tasks now – it will certainly keep me busy today”.

The first thing I did was follow the link Scott had kindly added in his comment. This brought me to his own response to the Liebster Award. As you can see from how I introduced this story, I was fascinated that an American Pastor had paid attention to my blog.  Born, raised, and living in Holy Catholic Ireland, I have only characters in television shows and movies to reference for  this almost exotic creature.  Before this, the images that would spring to mind when American Pastor was mentioned were Reverend Harry Powell in Night of the Hunter, Shepard in Firefly and  Reverend Timothy Lovejoy in The Simpsons. A diverse line-up to be sure.    So I read his ten answers to the ten questions he had been set with great interest.  From what he says, he is what we Irish would say is “a lovely man”, a loving dad, very articulate and well worth reading.  Scott is clearly a man of great faith too, so I was very taken with the idea that he would be interested in my completely faithless ramblings – clearly he is also very open-minded.

Then I set myself to answering Scott’s questions – which got me talking about myself in a way that I couldn’t when I tried the  Day 1: Introduce yourself assignment.

After that I set these ten questions:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What might have (or has) prevented you from continuing?
  3. It’s a cold, dark, wet day here today, what’s it like where you live?
  4. What do you like to do when the weather is bad?
  5. Do you have pet? If yes, tell me about it, or if not, what is your favourite animal?
  6. Show me a picture of what makes you happy. Why does it make you happy?
  7. Did you read anything that made you laugh in the last week?
  8. What is your favourite article of clothing, and why is it?
  9. Favourite food? (As many as you like!)
  10. Do you play any sports regularly?

I also gave an instruction to link back to my post so that the pingbacks would show in the Discussion section and all nominees would be able to read each other’s responses.

The next step was to find ten blogs that met the LA criteria, I had to like them, they had to have less than 200 followers, and I should be a follower.  I raked through all the blogs I had followed over the last few days and alas, dear reader, I could not figure out how many followers they had. So I resorted to The Reader, and searched for the Zero to Hero tag.  Sure enough I found a ream of brand new blogs that have not yet had time to accumulate a large following.  I decided I would choose blogs from people who lived in a very different place to mine and find out what, if anything, I might have in common with them.  This would double as and more than fulfil my Day 11: Leave three comments assignment.

So the gist of the next ten comments I made is this:

Hi – I like your introduction.  While you are preparing your main posts, you might like to accept a Liebster Award, which is also a kind of writing challenge, so I’ve added you to my list of nominations. If you want to see more, check this post of mine:https://itsdd2.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/the-leibster-award/

To my delight, within an hour, one of my nominees, from South Africa, replied and in very short order, had answered the questions, posted the response and nominated another ten.  I found a site about a country I had never heard of (Siargao) and that nominee has promised to respond.  Two others who responded both have very similar interests to mine. Reading their posts makes me feel as though they are talking directly to me. Suddenly the blogosphere has become a real place instead of a concept.   They have also nominated their ten, so now there are thirty blogs of interest to me. I’ll be checking back every day to see

So, if I could go back in time and write that first comment of the day again, it would read “Thank you Scott – happy to accept the nomination and the challenge – I’m gearing up to do the tasks now – it will certainly keep me busy for some time to come”.

Here are the replies I have received from my nominees so far, if more reply, I will add them here:

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