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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


Mr Kit-Kat, doing what cats do…


First I took a photo of the spider on my screen. The spider obligingly stayed on the screen until I uploaded the picture, so there he is, looking at himself, “inside” the screen…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Magpie for Margaret Rose


I promised a better magpie picture for MR a couple of weeks ago, but my local magpie family have been eluding me ever since. However, my friend Bryan caught this one in his back garden recently.

Bryan’s Facebook page is full of brilliant art he has created himself, by the way.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Little Jet-Black’s Departure

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Thanks to Little Jet-Black’s “slo-mo” exit from behind the monitor, I was able to get this sequence of photos with my phone.  It had to finish when the little guy landed, because Princess Chloe the First decided to to dive off the sofa after him.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Week 27