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Two Cents Tuesday Roundup

tct-headerThis challenge comes from Across the Bored, and here are the rules from the author:


  1. I will post some commentary on a random topic that pops into my head (have a look at some of the older posts) and then ask you to respond on the same.
  2. Your point of view on the current week’s challenge can take any form: but it has to be about the topic!
  3. Please, don’t just link to an old post… challenge yourself.
  4. The Challenge will be open for 14 days after it is posted upon which I will post another.
  5. ENJOY, have FUN and TELL your friends and fellow bloggers.

SO – Create your Two Cents Tuesday Challenge post

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Perspective: Problems

EntropiaudemDo you think you do a good job of keeping problems in perspective?


What helps you keep thoughts in perspective so they don’t overwhelm you?

Let’s be clear from the outset, just because I think I’m doing something well, doesn’t mean everybody else agrees with me. Another thing to keep in mind is that I don’t see keeping problems in perspective as a job or task – the things I do to resolve a problem are tasks that need to be completed in order to get the job of resolving that particular problem done.

The topics for today and tomorrow are related so I am going to be lazy (or tackle the problem of available time this week to avoid being overwhelmed by thoughts of not reaching my blogging goal) by rolling my response to both prompts into this post.

In order to resolve a problem, you have to recognise it for what it is.  Then it’s necessary to figure out what needs to be done to resolve it.  On the way, you need to take into account whether or not the resolution you propose does not create another problem for you or anybody else. If it does, you must decide whether the impact of your resolution is worth the effort – e.g. creating a bigger/smaller problem. Playing Jenga demonstrates this very well.


Depending on my judgement, or my state of mind at the time the problem arises, the resolution will succeed (good job, Jenga tower stays erect) or create a bigger problem (fail, tower crumbles).


Which leads me to my answer to the first question:  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

For the second question – for the most part, I find that thoughts related to a problem are most likely to be overwhelming. If I focus on tackling what I can do instead of pondering on what might happen if I do nothing, I am merely “whelmed”.

NaBloPoMo February 2014Roundup – Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Perspective: Little Jet-Black

2013-10-28 10.17.10Do you have a pet? Describe your house from the perspective of your pet.

I have a number of problems responding to this prompt – 32 to be precise. To arrive at that number I had to run a census on the current dog, cat and fish population of Baskerville Manor (my rather grand title for the family homestead where I presently serve as chief bottle-washer to my ever-growing pet population).

Pets of the furry variety have each got their own blog which can be found listed under “Welcome to Baskerville Manor” on my menu.  My sanity is grateful that I have drawn the line at blogging for furries and have not progressed to individual sites for the residents of my 6 aquariums and 4 nano tanks. Even with that limitation, it was quite hard to decide who of my fab fuzzy five should feature as my guest fur-blogger.

Anyhow, because he’s one of the latest arrivals, and he hasn’t had much opportunity  lately to keep his own blog up to date, I’ve nominated Little Jet-Black to describe my glorified kennel. He’s only a little guy, so be nice to him…

Little Jet-Black:

I moved into my new home last with my brother Mr Kit-Kat last October.  The move came as quite a surprise to me, especially when I found that there were three HUGE dogs in residence already.  The week we moved in there was another one staying there while his guardians were on holiday. It was pretty daunting, let me tell you.

2013-11-24 22.30.24

The first night we stayed in a place called “attic” which was away from The Dogz, and that suited me very well.  There were all sorts of interesting things to check, and even better, there were mice to hunt down. This place was supposed to be our home base so the human left lots of toys and plants that we like to make us feel at home.

2013-10-28 10.19.25

In attic there are all sorts of strange-looking things that the human refers to as gym equipment.  They are just brilliant for climbing, swinging and jumping. There are boxes to hide in and wicker crates to perch on. They do pretty well as scratching posts too.

However, we are cats, so the very next night,  when everybody else was asleep, we snuck around the house to see what we could see.  There were several different rooms to check.  We especially like that if we go into the cupboard in the utility room, we can sneak through a hole at the back and come out under the stairs – it’s really convenient.

During our explorations, we found a place that we prefer to “attic” – it’s called “guest room”. There is a king-size bed and an ensuite bathroom, and a commanding view of the street outside, so we appropriated it.  The human took it quite well, and even erected a thing called “baby gate” so we could have some privacy from The Dogz.

In the hallways there are sparkly things that tinkle hanging from the ceilings – I learned they are called “wind-chimes” – I’m going to figure out some way to catch one of them, I swear.


According to the human, for our own safety, we get room service instead of dining in the kitchen with the wuff-waff, which is quite nice. In the evenings, when the human comes home from work, we each have a shelf on either side of the fireplace where we can relax and give the feline finger to our canine housemates.  For our entertainment, she had pre-installed these glass box things full of water with bright coloured creatures that dart around inside them. This gives us hours of fascinated contemplation, and we often get so hypnotised by these things that we have to take a snooze on top of them.

2013-11-09 22.13.50

Out back there is a large garden that is pretty much a big soggy jungle at the moment. There are lots of shrubs and trees, and sheds and green-houses we can explore, although the human doesn’t want us to go into the shed where something called “robins” nest, so that door is mostly closed. But spring is coming, and that lawn mower is going to have to come out sooner or later. We can wait. In the mean time, we play Angry Birds to keep sharp.2013-11-15 00.03.53

At night it is getting a little boring as the mice seem to have left, I have no idea why, we were having such fun with them.  Now we are working on how to open up those glass boxes to get those coloured things.  So far no success, but the human can’t watch us 24-7, and we are very enterprising felines.

2013-11-03 10.15.44We are clearly VIPs here – two of The Dogz give us the utmost respect and every time the third one tries to chase us, the human tells her off.  The human also provides rides on her shoulder to help us avoid the recalcitrant canine  – as if we need help to outwit a mutt!.

All in all, I’m glad we moved in.  I’ll have to sign off now because Mr Kit-Kat has just beaten my Angry Birds high score – can’t let him away with that.


7 February:

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By request:  Magpies for Margaret Rose

NaBloPoMo February 2014Roundup

Perspective: Alien

220px-Spock_2267You meet an alien and need to explain to it blogging. Explain what blogging is (and what blogging means to you) without ever using the word “blog.”

Hi Mr Spock, thank you so much, I will very much enjoy living long and prospering. You want to know what I’m doing right now? OK, well it’s called writing a post.  No – a post is not always a thing that supports a fence.


It’s a means of communication

Spock to Enterprise …

No, not using that little bleepy thing of yours.   If I want to actually talk  to someone, I’d use this device here.. see – it’s called a mobile phone – anyway, we’re digressing.  What I’m doing could be compared to keeping a diary or journal.


You know the sort of thing, where you write down ideas, or impressions or opinions about something, tell a story, show a picture, anything…. maybe to show somebody else, maybe just for your self  –  yes, like that “Captain’s Log” thing your pal Jim is always reciting.

Captain’s log, Stardate Unknown

Actually it’s Wednesday, February 5, 2013.  When you’ve completed the post, you publish it on the internet for other people to read and comment on.

Madness has no purpose. Or reason. But it may have a goal.

I see what you mean.. well there is a goal here.  If people like what you have to say, they will follow you and maybe even share your posts with others.

Without followers, evil cannot spread.

NOOOO that’s not fair – I’m not evil, I just like writing about stuff and posting it.  I want to improve my writing, get feedback and ideas from other people, if they follow me, then I know I’m on the “write” track.  Here – sit down at my laptop and have a try

“You’re asking me to work with equipment which is hardly very far ahead of stone knives and bearskins.

There’s no need to be rude – you were the one who wanted to know what I was doing and here I am trying t explain it to you.

I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question.


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