Jury Duty for Dummies–Part 1

I’ve reached the ripe old age of (censored) without ever having being called for jury duty. There was one year in my workplace where it seemed my whole department except me was called.  I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or offended.

Anyhooo.. today I got the summons.  For anybody who has not been summoned before, this is what you get:

  • A very complicated jury number

  • A scary form (the information on the back lists a variety of reasons why you might be fined 500 Euro).  The warning is in bold. The warning about the warning is ALL IN CAPS. (Did nobody in the County Registrar’s office ever take a business writing course?

  • An A4 page festooned in bold and CAPS (WRITING skills course anybody?)

  • An A4 page festooned in bold and CAPS as Gaeilge. Maybe the Gaeilgeors don’t mind over-emphasis.

  • A leaflet explaining the contents of the A4 pages and, finally, explaining why it is a good thing to be a juror (I was beginning to wonder…..)

I now know that unless I am 65 or over, a full-time student or teacher, a medical practitioner or a politician, a person in holy orders, an aircraft commander or master of a ship, I don’t get excused.  Interesting that politicians and persons in holy orders are excused, is it because the courts accept our perceptions of the untrustworthiness of our secular and pastoral leaders?

The drill is that I must present myself at the named court on 13th February and make myself available until noon each day, for four days. During this time, I may or may not be chosen to act as a juror.  There is a possibility that a case might run on longer than that. If I am chosen, I can go home each night, unless there are “exceptional circumstances”.

Nothing so far in the information provided indicates that I can’t discuss my experience. So, assuming I don’t get picked for a long-running case that demands I can’t go home each night, I’ll be back with Part 2 on Feb 13.

More information about Jury Service

How did that get there?

How did that get there

So, woke up this morning and saw virgin snow – how nice to look at, but decided I wasn’t going to bother going out.  But the dogs did venture out.  Being sensible beasties, they did what they had to do and came back in as quickly as possible.

We then spent most of the day snuggled up indoors, with periodic comfort breaks for the bowlers. No human residents stirred outside.

Imagine my surprise, then, during the late afternoon canine comfort break, when I spotted this one, single, solitary footprint (circled in pic) among the dog tracks.

Anybody got any idea of how this might have happened?

Some days, less is more

It’s the June Bank holiday and the weather is great (forecasts said it would be the hottest weekend of the year so far, but let’s face it, there hasn’t been a lot of competition). So one feels obliged to get out there and do something. Traditionally that “something” is a weekend away, or a big outing or a party or something that involves either packing, substantial preparation or a fair whack of money.

On the phone yesterday Jenny and I thought we might do “something” with Damon and Rohan, the zoo was tabled, but there is the garden festival on there, and seemingly traffic is horrendous round the Park, there was a suggestion of the dog show, but who needs to go to a dog show when you have a pack of your own… and thoughts of the body exhibition, but in the end, Jenny just turned up this morning and we decided there and then to go to the park and en route visit Kinsealy Pet Store  to pick up an extending lead for our newest dog, Izzy.  So Rohan and Damon got to meet a parrot, a cockatoo, and in what Rohan called “the secret room” there were snakes, scorpions and all kinds of fish. At St Anne’s Park there was tree climbing, wandering through the “forest”, finding funny buildings, the playground, ice creams (for the boys), munchies (for the girls) and an audience of thousands (for the dogs).  All in all it turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had this year.

A Night on The Town

My cousin Tracy came for a visit recently and we of course felt obliged to go out for one good night on the batter.  We chose to attempt a crawl through the more well-known pubs, starting with The Brazen Head and targeting Mulligans on Poolbeg Street  to finish….we actually managed to get as far as Gogarty’s where the music and general ri ra agus ruaille buaille caused us to halt our wanderings and settle in for some serious imbibing.  And all was well until Tracy realised her Blackberry was missing…..  it wasn’t the end of the world as a replacement was sent to her by her phone company the very next day (she lives in America, can’t see that happening here!) But it did kind of spoil half an hour for us.  The thing is the phone is keyed to an American system so whoever lifted it would have had to decode it or whatever they do, and they actually missed a ready to go Sony Ericsson with no pin code which was in the same pocket..

Anyhow, other than that, we had a good time, here’s Tracy with her first drink of the night, in the Brazen Head… and the two of us upstairs in Gogarty’s … the photos got more and more fuzzy as the night went on (o yea – if the thief ever reads, this, could he/she/it  just mms the pictures from Tracy’s Blackberry please?

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