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This is the way I like to see my living room


Having a quiet day today, just pottering about, not bothering too much about chores or anything in particular.  I was making myself a coffee when I turned round and spotted this arrangement on the couch.
Note the throws carefully arranged to suit themselves, the cushion casually dragged to the floor by Rocco-Elwood, another superfluous cushion discarded to the side.  Curtains dragged in several directions.
All critters content and comfortable with each other,basically just waiting to see if treats were going to materialise.
It’s moments like this that make me feel I’m living my best life.

Introducing: Gamma and Omega



So.. On the left is Gamma, about 7 weeks old, weighing in at a whopping 725 grammes. And on the right is her sister, Omega, 715g.

These are part of a litter of four that has been in the care of North Dublin Cat Rescue for some weeks now, part of the summer influx of new borns that are the inevitable result of not spaying your cat!!!!!

Previous foster mom has done a brilliant job bringing them on, but was somewhat overcrowded with fosters, so they arrived at Baskerville Manor today. They are completely fearless, nothing challenges them at all.  Already they have explored the whole house from top to bottom, have introduced themselves to all the residents and are as I write busy playing marbles (loudly) on the wooden floor of my office.  I am besotted already.

Introducing: Dale Winters

Hi world

I’m small but mighty and I’m a real people puss. I love getting head rubs and shoulder massages and will pay you back with super boops and purrs. My mom says my purrs would melt a stone.

I enjoy hanging out with humans and checking everything that’s going on. I like being brushed and will strut around like a supermodel while you are doing it. I am also kind of cheeky when I get to know you, and will use all my charms to get what I want.. lots of love and your full attention.

I get on well with other cats and don’t mind the dogs here, but I do try very hard to get “illegal” snacks from my housemates which the humans tell me is not the best idea with my restricted diet.

You might notice I look at bit odd in this picture. That’s because I had a rather bad start in life and if it wasn’t for the super heroes of North Dublin Cat Rescue, I would never have made it at all. But they found me and took care of me and got me a home that I like.

I have ongoing issues with my digestive system which means I am only allowed to eat one type of food. I had skin issues which meant all my body hair had to be shaved off, and as you can see, the white bits are growing back a bit faster than the dark ones. Mom thinks I look a bit like Zombie cat but that I’m beautiful anyway.

I’ve a long way to go yet before I get up to a good weight, but I am working hard with the help of my mom and Fox Veterinary Clinic who are the nicest people you could meet. I will have mom tell you more about my journey as she updates this blog site . Miaow for now!

Introducing: The Mighty Atoms

Finally, after a long, long gap and a lot of soul searching I admitted to myself that there’s a massive hole in my house where there should be at least one dog.  I’ve finally gotten past that place where I felt I didn’t want a different dog, I wanted Timmy, Izzy, Chloe and Shiloh back, all together.

It’s been a difficult path because I live alone and work full-time.  Not an ideal candidate as an adopter.  I did call Dog’s Trust recently, told them my situation and was assured there can be exceptions made for special needs dogs. And that they had some, why not come up and visit.  I went all the way up to their premises on the bus, full of hope.  I was introduced to three dogs in particular, allowed to meet them and stroke them and start falling for them.

Then… the form filling and a long wait, watching people arriving to pick up their new babies and depart, complete, happy new families.  Hopes growing.  Only to be told I am not a suitable candidate.  I was devastated.  I left the premises and couldn’t find the bus stop to get back, walked miles along a country road with no path, in tears.  I eventually got to a main road and flagged down a taxi.  The driver was so worried, he thought something terrible had happened to me. I certainly felt that it had.


But I am stubborn.  I started contacting rescue groups, mostly with the same result. However, one group did come back to me with a request to foster two dogs who were proving difficult to home due to their size, age and attitude.  They could not be placed with children because they apparently had never been house trained.  They were typical small dogs with the behaviour issues that could be expected when they had never been taught anything.


These two mini powerhouses arrived today for fostering.  Approximately 6/7 years old.  I just can’t get over how tiny they are, compared to my previous sweethearts, I think the two of them together just about equal the mass of Shiloh’s head.

They are at present extremely timid and scared. Rory expresses stress by trying to bully Rocco. Rocco’s eyes are dirty, he limps.  They pee everywhere, what have I let myself in for?