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A Night on The Town

My cousin Tracy came for a visit recently and we of course felt obliged to go out for one good night on the batter.  We chose to attempt a crawl through the more well-known pubs, starting with The Brazen Head and targeting Mulligans on Poolbeg Street  to finish….we actually managed to get as far as Gogarty’s where the music and general ri ra agus ruaille buaille caused us to halt our wanderings and settle in for some serious imbibing.  And all was well until Tracy realised her Blackberry was missing…..  it wasn’t the end of the world as a replacement was sent to her by her phone company the very next day (she lives in America, can’t see that happening here!) But it did kind of spoil half an hour for us.  The thing is the phone is keyed to an American system so whoever lifted it would have had to decode it or whatever they do, and they actually missed a ready to go Sony Ericsson with no pin code which was in the same pocket..

Anyhow, other than that, we had a good time, here’s Tracy with her first drink of the night, in the Brazen Head… and the two of us upstairs in Gogarty’s … the photos got more and more fuzzy as the night went on (o yea – if the thief ever reads, this, could he/she/it  just mms the pictures from Tracy’s Blackberry please?