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This comes from Velvet Verbosity :
Here are the rules:
The Rules are Loose. I throw you a word at the beginning of the week (Monday night), and you take up the challenge to write exactly 100 words in response to the one-word prompt. That’s it. Write 100 words however you like. Make it a long haiku, write 100 random words that you associate with the prompt in no particular order, write a short vignette, tell a true story, relate it to your day, describe the word, use the word or imply the word — it’s up to you!

100 Words #369: Leather Chair


In our box of family photographs there are dozens and dozens of  black and white studio photographs like these of my cousin Frank, aged 6 months, perched on a leather chair, and 3 year old me with my big brother.


Every year, copies of these photographs would circulate among the aunts (always the aunts!) with carefully written messages and dates, which means all 21 of us have got copies of the same collection.

I wonder if, in fifty-three years, any of my cousin’s kids will be able to reach into Facebook and grab a copy of each other’s baby pictures?

100 Words #369

100 Words: Rose

1896899_412325365569105_466038779_nThirty-three years ago today I didn’t go to a Valentine’s Day dance at the local nightclub because I thought it was just for kids.  When I woke up the next morning I learned that a fire had broken out and 48 kids never got the chance to go home. The last rose some of them received would have been in their funeral wreath instead of a Valentine bouquet.

Thirty-three years later, the building still stands, with no indication of the tragedy that played out that night. Inquests have never reached a verdict.

The Stardust families still haven’t learned the truth.

100 Words #365Picture of the Stardust Memorial from Larry O’Toole’s Facebook page

100 Words: Raad Yiarn Vannin


Raad Yiarn Vannin is Manx for Isle of Man Railway, one of the last railways powered by steam locomotives.

When I was small our family  decamped every year to two B&B’s in Douglas, and every year the holiday was not complete without a train trip to Ramsey.

Modern Rapid Transit systems can’t compete with the smells and sounds of  iron giants rolling along their narrow gauge track.  We hung out of the windows, gathering smoke stains on our faces and waving to farmers, cattle, birds –  it didn’t matter who or what, we were having the time of our lives.

100 Words #364 – Picture from Wikipedia

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Twitter and Facebook afford us a peephole into the minds of others, or at least, the parts of their minds that they want to share.  No co-incidence that the 140 characters or less microblogging giant is called Twitter.  Here we are with the most advanced means of communicating with each other in history, and what do we resort to, but mimicking  the behaviour of birds calling out to each other to mark territory, sound alarms and engage in the mating ritual.  I wonder what the Stanford Research Network Working Group would make of what we have done with their brainchild.

Velvet Verbosity – 100 Words

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