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The Leibster Award


It’s a cold, wet, dark Sunday in January, the sort of day when I just want to be lazy and warm. My dogs, Chloe, Izzy and Shiloh agree completely. They are tucked up on the couch, determinedly remaining asleep, Mr Kit-Kat and Little Jet-Black are snoozing on their shelves in the living room.  So what to do – a bit of blogging perhaps, but what about?  I’m up to date with my WP Daily Posts and Zero to Hero stuff, so where shall I start?  Well, as it happens, when I opened my blog this morning I was delighted to find that the lovely Scott (aka Table 97) of Not Quite Home has nominated me for a Leibster Award.  Thank you Scott!

This is an lovely concept – it’s a sort of chain blog where one person nominates a number of other bloggers (mainly newbies, or those who have not got a very big following)  for the award, and presents them with a series of questions to answer.  The nominee then chooses another group of bloggers, and so on.    There are hundreds of references to this award to be found on Google.  It’s not clear where the award originated, and there are a few variations on the rules. The most detailed post I found about it is this one:  The Liebster Award: The Official Rules + My First Blog Award and a few personal secrets revealed.

Here are the rules Scott asked me to follow, if you accept this nomination, you can do the same:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.  (That list is below the nominations.)
3. You must nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.
4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

I’ll add one more thing – if you link back to this post, your response will appear as a “pingback” in the discussion section at the end of this post, which allows me to share your words with your fellow nominees.


And here are my answers to Scott’s questions:

1. Why did you start your blog?
I’ve always liked writing.  When I was younger, I would spend hours creating stories and even attempted a crime/science fiction novel at age eight.  Later on I took English Literature in college and really enjoyed putting the essay assignments together.  As life went on I let my writing slip and hardly did any. Blogging is my way of stretching those creaky, unused, writing muscles in the hope that one day I will come up with something worthwhile.

2. If your life were a movie, who would play you?
I’m not sure who would want to play me, but if Sigourney Weaver can do a good Irish accent, I would be quite pleased if she took the part.

3. Describe yourself in five words.
Pet guardian, tall, geeky, fair.

4. What is the next thing to do on your bucket list?  (If you don’t have one, why not?)
I don’t have a bucket list.  Why?  If I did, it would be either far too long to achieve, or by the time I got to take an action, I would have lost interest in it in favour of something else.

5. What was the best day in your life thus far?
That’s actually quite a hard question to answer.  If I was a child, it would have been the day we got our first family dog.  As an adult, I’m more likely to count moments than days, or the experiences that led up to the moment, for example getting a double-first in English Literature was wonderful, but so was researching and writing the essay that led to it.  The day I first jumped a horse from an embankment across a large ditch was fantastic, I felt we were flying – that was the culmination of some years of lessons and practice, all of which were also fantastic. Recently it was when my new rescue dog managed to make it up some steps.  The poor dog has severe arthritis and was morbidly obese, making it very difficult for him to move around. With the help of a good diet, pain relief and gentle exercise, he is now able to do anything a dog can do, albeit it quite slowly and clumsily.

Getting the Liebster Award nomination makes today the best blogging day in my life so far  Smile

6. Who was your childhood hero?
I’m going to cheat here – as it happens, I wrote about him earlier this week in Daily Prompt: Heroic – he’s a superstar racehorse called Arkle!
7. If you could have any “superpower” what would it be?
The ability to get the housework done instantly!

8. Coffee, Tea or “Just leave me alone in the morning”? (What gets your day started?)
Being greeted by my menagerie. Izzy, my Old English Sheepdog wakes me with a kiss on my nose, Shiloh my Labrador puts his head on my lap with the best smile you could ever see, Chloe my collie girl bounces into action and does her hello dance, Mr Kit-Kat and Little Jet-Black, being cats, show me where breakfast is to be served. The various fish all come to the feeding spot in their aquariums and do their best to get my attention.  All this happens without a word being spoken, which suits me fine, I can’t string a sentence together first thing in the morning.

9. Who is your closest family member (not living in your house) and why are you so close?
My niece, Jenny.  Until she was born, I didn’t look or think like anybody in my family.  We are similar enough to understand one another, and different enough not be be bored by each other.

10. Describe the perfect vacation for you?
OO yes… it will be somewhere warm, but not too hot. There won’t be any traffic.  My pets will be with me, and it will be safe for them to roam anywhere they want to.  My phone will be switched off, but there will be a computer with a good internet connection so I can get on with writing. I will have space to lay out my paint and canvas and make some nice pictures. There will be beautiful things to photograph. There will be long lazy lunches and dinners with friends. A jacuzzi would be nice to have.  I can wear my comfy clothes and leave my shoes off. If it rains, it will be during the night when we are all asleep.


My Liebster Award Nominees

Just in case you are wondering.  All the blogs on my list are taking the Zero to Hero Challenge.  In some cases, the title or the introduction intrigued me. Most of them are brand new bloggers and don’t have a lot written yet, in some cases the introduction makes me hope they will get started soon, or they just have a completely different life to mine, there are some beautiful thoughts, or I just like the titles.  Anyhow, I feel they all deserve a little encouragement

  1. The Infinitive Archive
  2. Seasons Change and I do too
  3. Siargao Kid
  4. Pan-Africanist Hands
  5. Life in.exe
  6. Meebee2014
  7. What My Husband Feeds Me
  8.  When I Shower
  9. Mel the Literacy Coach
  10. Hair of the Dog

My questions to you are:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What might have (or has) prevented you from continuing?
  3. It’s a cold, dark, wet day here today, what’s it like where you live?
  4. What do you like to do when the weather is bad?
  5. Do you have pet? If yes, tell me about it, or if not, what is your favourite animal?
  6. Show me a picture of what makes you happy. Why does it make you happy?
  7. Did you read anything that made you laugh in the last week?
  8. What is your favourite article of clothing, and why is it?
  9. Favourite food? (As many as you like!)
  10. Do you play any sports regularly?

Don’t forget to link back to this post to share your response!