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Love me, love my dogs. Be kind to my cats. You'd better be nice to my fish too... and the spider that lives in the shower

One Word Photo Challenge: Red

2012-09-02 14.49.02

This rose bush is another dumpster rescue.

My favourite position

The Big Guy with his favourite Kong


I just loved the way these two snuggled up on the couch – he’d just landed after a 19-hour trip from New York to Dublin (held up in the airport at both ends because of heavy snow).

One Word Photo Challenge:  Red

Daily Prompt: Linger

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?


An event is often thought of as something like a wedding, or a concert – a big occasion.  In fact, the definition of an event is this:

A thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance

I’ve been a nighthawk all my life, staying up to party, finish a book, complete a piece of work or just goof off.  For most of that time, I was not much of an early bird, I liked to sleep as long as possible, then dash off to work or whatever appointment I had at the time.

These days,  even if I stay up late, I wake up early, sometimes around 4:00 am.  I believe it’s a symptom of age.  Through the winter months, this is something of a pain, but as spring comes and the sky brightens, I really enjoy waking up in time to see the sun rise through my bedroom window, while the Baskerville Beasties come to give me their sleepy greetings. 

There is nothing finer, as far as I am concerned, than to wake up slowly, allow the sun to warm the garden and then take time for a leisurely coffee out there before taking the dogs for a stroll while the only sounds are the birds calling and maybe the milkman beginning his rounds.  There is a sense of peace, of time retrieved, that just isn’t available at other times of the day.

When it’s time to get ready to leave for work, it can be really and truly difficult to wrench myself out this idyll and trundle back into the “real” world.

Daily Prompt: Linger – Picture found on Michael Hyatt’s page

100 Words #369: Leather Chair


In our box of family photographs there are dozens and dozens of  black and white studio photographs like these of my cousin Frank, aged 6 months, perched on a leather chair, and 3 year old me with my big brother.


Every year, copies of these photographs would circulate among the aunts (always the aunts!) with carefully written messages and dates, which means all 21 of us have got copies of the same collection.

I wonder if, in fifty-three years, any of my cousin’s kids will be able to reach into Facebook and grab a copy of each other’s baby pictures?

100 Words #369

Word a Week Photo Challenge: Run


Some years ago, Dudley the Boxer came to visit Baskerville ManorThe Elder Statesman pretended not to notice him flying about because he didn’t want anybody to know he was getting on in years and couldn’t keep up with those young folk, but Princess Chloe the First was on for the chase

Word a Week Photo Challenge: Run