Daffodil, acrylic
Bring me sunshine

Love me, love my dogs and cats.  You’d better be nice to my fish too… and the spider that lives in the shower. . and the robins in the garden shed…not to mention the confused hedgehog that Princess Chloe The First believes to be an uncooperative football.

This really is random stuff,  there’s no special axe that I want to grind, but from time to time I throw out a few words about things that interest me.

This year I am taking a shot at the Word Press Daily Prompt challenge to see if I can muster the discipline and desire to make one post on a random topic every day.

Update: Half-way through January I found NaBloPoMo and I’m taking a shot at that too.  I also got a Leibster Award nomination which prompted me to give a bit more information about myself and was fun to do. My ten nominees are listed there and I’ve asked them to pingback their posts when they are done, so you will get 11 for the price of 1 by checking this post.

If you like pets, then you might like to visit my other blog, Welcome to Baskerville Manor.

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Deirdre Donegan

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Awwww I love your About page! 🙂 I love animals, too– dogs, hedgehogs, even spiders in the shower (they’re on our side! They eat the nasties, like mosquitoes and other bloodsucking bugs)… though I am ambivalent towards cats…


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