Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


Mr Kit-Kat, doing what cats do…


First I took a photo of the spider on my screen. The spider obligingly stayed on the screen until I uploaded the picture, so there he is, looking at himself, “inside” the screen…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside”

  1. We once had a VERY LARGE huntsman in our rented and falling-down cottage, and we named him Mr. Spiteri. He live on our bedroom ceiling; so we put a mosquito net over the bed. 🙂 That way everyone was happy.


    1. Hope he wasn’t one of those dangerous types – between the ones that hide in the toilet that my cousins in Oz have mentioned, and the ticks and the snakes that keep doing the dirt on the animals in “Bondi Vet”, I don’t know how anybody with pets in Australia doesn’t have a nervous breakdown!


      1. Huntsmen are virtually harmless. If you corner one with menaces it will bite yer, but it has so little venom it will never be serious. All they want it to be left alone to consume your flies …
        Ticks are certainly a terrible worry for pet-owners in the seaside areas particularly. What can I say? – I have one large (very!) moggie who never leaves the flat: it’s a remote topic for me. 😉


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