Magpie for Margaret Rose


I promised a better magpie picture for MR a couple of weeks ago, but my local magpie family have been eluding me ever since. However, my friend Bryan caught this one in his back garden recently.

Bryan’s Facebook page is full of brilliant art he has created himself, by the way.


3 thoughts on “Magpie for Margaret Rose”

  1. It’s a MAGPIE ???? I’m commence to feel somewhat faint in terms of the differences between magpies the world over.
    No matter! – I love ’em all !!!!! 😀 (and I love moggies, too …)

    1. I was also surprised to find out how different pigeons can be too. Some years ago in Barbados I asked what those pink birds waddling round were called and was amazed to learn they were pigeons, drunk from eating the run-off from a rum factory

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