One Word Photo Challenge: Purple


This orchid was found in a supermarket dumper, probably chucked because it had dropped all it’s flowers.  Six weeks in my houseplant intensive care unit (a.k.a. the bathroom) and this is what I got.

One Word Photo Challenge:  Purple


4 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Purple”

  1. ANOTHER phally! – that’s my second today! Oh, how I love them. They’re renowned, Deirdre, for liking the same conditions that we do, which makes them (theoretically) easy to look after. But you’re to be congratulated for such reviving, for I can’t get one to bloom second time, no matter what I do. Sighh … Hooray the beautiful phalaenopsis !

    1. I love them too, but they really are very temperamental – there are two others in ICU at the moment who have lovely healthy leaves, but resolutely bare stems. So far I’ve only succeeded in getting the little beggars to bloom twice at most. But never say die!

  2. As someone who doesn’t have a green thumb at all, I’m super impressed that you were able to revive this orchid after finding it in a dumpster. I also love orchids. 🙂 thanks for sharing. This is great!

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