Margaret Rose has promised a personal poem to the winner of this second Like it or Loathe It challenge, so I hope my venture into doggerel doesn’t cause offense Smile

Ooooooo – to hear the word just makes me shiver
The worst a menu can deliver
It’s good for you! our mum would scowl
It’s horrible! we kids would howl

This fine meal should make you smile
It can’t, it won’t, it’s full of bile
It’s full of rubbish from the bowel
I feel so sick, please pass a towel

Animal entrails may help prediction
But good to eat? that’s just fiction
A quick fried dose of Hepatitis E
Does not, in truth, appeal to me

If you’re a woman over fifty
This yucky stuff is not so nifty
Osteoporosis could be your fate
If liver features on your plate

Clenbuterol is not so nice
Olympic athletes paid the price
Greedy farmers use this steroid
This is a dish they should avoid

An offal organ full of toxin
From the stuff it often locks in
Arsenic, cadmium and lead
Are nasty things that make you dead

An overdose of Vitamin A
Is not the way to start your day
Toxocariasis is not our aim
Refuse that muck and feel no shame

Like or loathe? I think it’s clear
This is a dish I don’t hold dear

LIOLI#2 – Liver – Image from HPBLondon – Like it or Loathe It Roundup


11 thoughts on “LIOLI#2–Liver”

  1. BROOLYANT, as we say down here! You’ve quite put my nose out of joint, you awful woman, Deirdre!!! 😀
    Something weird happened: I found I wasn’t ‘following’ your blog!! How the **** did this occur? – I’ve been following you since first we were chatting … [sob!] I must’ve deleted yours from my list when I meant to delete someone else’s. No wonder I hadn’t ‘heard’ from you for so long. 😦

    1. Naow warries mayte! (bad approximation of Oz accent, sorry)
      I’ve been offline for a while as I was stuck into figuring out what was wrong with an elderly database a friend of mine has been stuck with – the person who developed it has departed the organisation without leaving any instructions. I’ve now solved the puzzle and feel like supergeek!

      1. Oh, GOODONYER! – to win out in a situation like that is really gratifying. You deserve to feel like a supergeek – which, imnsho, is no insult!

  2. I’m impressed that you could whip up so many verses on the subject of liver! And amusing, too. 🙂 Now I’m off to Google the link between 50+ women, liver, and osteoporosis.

    1. I only wish Google had been around when I was a kid so I could have presented some of those arguments to my mum;-). I had to struggle to find so many reasons and I’m not convinced of the authority of some of the sites I found but I allowed myself some poetic licence

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