Perspective: It’s all relative


What has had more influence on your life perspective: your upbringing or your experiences?

Now that is an odd question.  Is being raised not an experience?  Between birth and age five, children absorb enormous amounts of information, far more than an adult can.  Most of that information comes from the adults around us, e.g. those who bring us up.

Whether or not you agree with the perspective of those adults later in life, early learning informs the way you think.  Depending on how you view this, I was either fortunate or unfortunate enough to have a mother and father who were diametrically opposite to each other, one was tight-laced and somewhat unimaginative, the other was easy-going and thoughtful.  One demanded constant conformity to ideals of behaviour, the other encouraged reading, observation and informed decision making.

So I learned early on that two people with the same interests at heart (raising their child well) could approach the very same thing from entirely different perspectives.  If that taught me anything, it was never to accept just one point of view without first examining whether any other perspective is equally, more, or less valid than the first.

NaBloPoMo February 2014 – “Relativity” MS Escher 1953 from MS Escher.comRoundup


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