One Word Photo Challenge: Neon

2012-08-06 15.27.23

DSC002072013-12-22 19.22.07

One Word Photo Challenge:  Neon


4 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Neon”

    1. Thank you. I hesitated to post when I saw your fab pictures! The dish thing is called a Dutch Dish – it rocks and goes round in circles. It’s impossible for a small kid to stay sitting up in it once moving, they always slide into the middle. It’s controlled by the person/people inside moving their weight about, or if you are very small, you can cheat and have adult rock it for you. The next shot in that sequence is one little foot sticking up in the air, rest of kid missing 🙂

      1. haha well that sounds pretty fun! And don’t ever hesitate to post. Photo challenges are about challenging yourself, not about comparing yourself to others. And largely I’m using this challenge to play around with how I shoot and to just have fun! But I appreciate you thinking my neon photos are fab 😉

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