Daily Prompt: Lucky Star


Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Ever since I saw what George Spigott did to Stanley Moon in Bedazzled, I’ve been a bit suspicious of strange or unusual persons promising my heart’s desire. However, if the young Peter Cook manifests and offers a deal, I’d be willing to give him a sympathetic hearing.

George Spigott persuades Stanley Moon that he really is The Devil


However, today’s prompt differs from George’s offer (7 wishes in return for Stanley’s soul) not just in the number of wishes, but also because we are being asked to speculate.  So, Mr Spigott, please pay attention – I am NOT making wishes, I am merely discussing them.

Wish 1:  No more 9 to 5

Industry, business, education and every other human activity that expects the majority of the population to be up and running with a view to a 9:00 am start will see the light (we do have electricity these days) and agree that there are twenty-four hours to use in a day and we don’t all have to behave like a bunch of lemmings, leaping over the commuter cliff as we struggle to clock in on time.

Imagine a world where the early birds among us can trek happily off to their daily appointed tasks when they are feeling nice and chirpy while us nighthawks can finally realise our potential at the right time of day or night.  This is not a new concept, many businesses do use the day-night shift system, maximising the use of their expensive premises and potentially doubling job opportunities.

Wish 2: Civic planners live in their own mess

This one would be fun.  You know how it is –some honcho in local government makes a decision that has a negative impact on the neighbourhood. For example, not far from where I live there is a cross roads which is virtually impassable every morning, because cars turning onto the main road from either side have nowhere to go and get stuck in front of oncoming traffic.  The person who designed that should live in a glass hut, at the centre of the crossroads, with a neon sign above it saying “I made this”. I’m sure you can think of more and better examples, but you get my drift.

Wish 3:  The “Media” develops a sense of decency

When reporting a tragedy, is it really necessary to go into every detail of what happened to the victim?  Or publish close up pictures of bereaved families at their most vulnerable?  Why not just acknowledge the sad occurrence and offer sincere sympathy and practical help to those who need it.

Now, tell me truthfully, George Spigott – can you manage any of the above for me without dire consequences?  If yes, I might just say those words out loud.

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