Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Large subjects


When I saw “large subject” in the title of this challenge I immediately thought of these photographs I took on a lovely sunny day in Dublin Zoo, a few years ago. I was heartbroken to realise that the originals were among the items lost when my laptop died, but thankfully I had them posted on Facebook.



This is an Amur Tiger (Siberian Tiger) which is not just a big cat, it is the largest tiger type. The tiger habitat in Dublin Zoo has a glass wall and this sedate-looking beauty held our attention while his (her?)  friend managed to startle everybody by sneaking up and crossing the wall in front of us. 

This last pic is a bit blurred because the tiger came so close I almost dropped my camera.  The spatters on the picture are drops of water on the glass between us, he had been for a swim and decided to have a good shake, right in front of everybody.3903_1157969509954_2647967_n

You can watch episodes of The Zoo TV series on YouTube

Dublin Zoo TV Series

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:  Large Subjects


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