50 Day Song Challenge – #19 A Guilty Pleasure

Honey, Bobby Goldsboro, 1968
Get the tissues out…

Honey: Bobby Goldsboro, 1968/1975

In spite of its reputation as the worst song of all time, this song was a hit for Bobby Goldsboro twice.

I’ve still got my copy.


6 thoughts on “50 Day Song Challenge – #19 A Guilty Pleasure”

    1. There are a load of them out there, I noticed on person in my feed was posting to a challenge like this and Googled “Song Challenge”. The one I am following was on Facebook when I started a couple of weeks ago, but is gone now – but there are tons of them to choose from.
      And I understand your opinion – this song ticks every single schmaltz box known to humankind, the singer is, let’s be kind, not exactly my idea of hot, but it also flips a switch in my head which brings me back to the age when I used to fall for sh*t like that…at least he didn’t throw a dying dog into the mix.

  1. I was a pre-teen when this song hit the charts. The local radio station played the tune every night at the same time, just after I had gone to bed. Lights were out, of course, but I had my wee transister radio on, volume low, the gadget pressed to my ears. And poor Bobby would lament the passing of dear Honey and I’d weep, and weep, and weep! It makes me smile to think of it now By the way, no one else knows about this, and if asked, I will deny it. Vehemently! [wink]

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