Daily Post: Machines

2012-03-05 18.48.18

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MACHINES.

This Heath-Robinson construction was created by my nephew as an alternative mousetrap.  The black frame is something to do with lifting his car for repairs, then there is the cardboard runway leading to a kitchen-paper roll balanced at the top of the stool. 

In addition, peanut butter was placed in the roll on the edge of the stool, and if an adventurous mouse entered this little tunnel, they would overbalance the matchbox counterweight and take a dive into the bucket.

2012-03-05 18.48.32

If the mouse elected to go straight to the bucket, the plan was they would step onto the kitchen-roll core suspended across the top, which was designed to flip over and drop them in.

What he didn’t bargain for was the doggy passion for peanut butter.  The Baskerville Beasties demolished his creation in about two minutes, flat.

Daily Prompt: Machines


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