Perspective: ME and NOT Me


Write about an event that happened today. Now write about it from the perspective of someone else in the room — your child, your partner, a person dining in the same restaurant… your choice.



There is a laneway behind our office building where we evil smokers meet up and shoot the breeze every day.  As is often the case in the city, the laneway often shows signs of people having used this quiet space to sleep overnight, because they have nowhere else to go. Sometimes a young cop comes by to flirt with the young ones.

Not Me:

There is a laneway behind one of the office buildings in our district which the girls that work there use for their smoke breaks.  It’s not a particularly nice spot, at night time it’s frequented by dossers and junkies, who leave the remains of their works strewn on the ground, so I make a point of checking there every now and then, and pass the time of day with the girls.

The hot one is there with the tall one – maybe today’s the day Smile


Today XX and I took ourselves out to the lane and lit up. We noticed the usual bits and pieces of clothes, sleeping bags and so on were missing.  The weather has been horrible lately.  We hoped the reason is that whoever normally uses that spot has found better shelter.

Our friendly cop wandered by and came right over as soon as he spotted XX. We agreed that today was the day he would finally make his move on her.

Not Me:

(Desperate struggle to find something interesting to say to the hot one)

Me (and XX)

Felt a bit sorry for him (Me). Decided to give him a chance to make his opening gambit (XX).  We beckoned him over to say Hi!

Not Me:

Said hi to the girls and then blurted out the story of how we’ve been “cleaning up” the area recently.  I guessed they would feel safer on their smoke breaks now the junkies weren’t sleeping there any more.


Probably some of them won’t come back because they’ve died of exposure without the bit of shelter they had here…

Not Me:


NaBloPoMo February 2014 – Picture from The Journal.ieRoundup


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