Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

obstacle-course-360x240I’m going to look at this question in the context of personal goals, and leave work out of it, on the grounds that I didn’t come home from work tonight in order to spend time writing about it.

I honestly do not need to think about what I did last week to figure out what might have prevented me from accomplishing all the things I would like to have done.  The items we all need to get something done are resources, time and the desire to do whatever that thing might be.  We also need to be reasonable about what we want.  For example, last week I would have loved to spend a day in a warm sunny garden, feeling the heat on my skin and perhaps developing a nice tan,  but it is January, I am in Ireland, and my finances dictate that a holiday abroad is not an option right now.   Tucking up in front of the fire with my furry friends was a very acceptable alternative – and far more achievable.

What else?  It would have been nice to dig into some painting, but I preferred to blog, so that’s what I did.  Add priorities and preferences to the list.  I wanted to get my hair cut, but no appointments were available at a time that suited me.  That’s OK, I ended up doing the job myself on Saturday, which means I still had the resource I would have needed, e.g. cash, so I blew that on snacks and pizza for my big night in. Which meant I didn’t have to cook, which was something I didn’t want to do.

So now we’ve got a list of factors that held me back from enjoying a day in the sun or painting a great masterpiece. On the other hand, I had the alternatives of a cosy night in and getting on with my blogging.  I thoroughly enjoyed both.  I got my hair done and avoided doing something I didn’t feel like doing.  If the mood takes me during this week, I will get out the brushes and paints and work away. It may not be a masterpiece, I don’t mind, it’s the process that I enjoy.  Summer will come, and even if the weather is bad, if I really, really, want my day in the sun, I will save up and organise one.  Or get a sunlamp. It’s nice to have options, and it’s even nicer to have something to look forward to.  Imagine if I’d gotten all the things I wanted to do over with last week – I’d be pretty bored right now.

In the meantime, I intend to  go ahead with what I realistically can do, using the resources I have, in the time available to me, to get on with whatever it is I decide to do.  While I am doing whatever that might be, I will approach it like the two kids in the picture, who are clearly living in the moment, having chosen what they wanted to do and having a ball while they are doing it. Unlike the two miserable chaps who are engaging in the same activity as the kids, but look as though they would rather be doing something, anything  else. It’s all about attitude.

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course –  Happy Kids picture from How Stuff Works   – Grumpy Men picture from Practising the Piano (read it!)


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