Daily Prompt: Barriers

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BARRIERS.

2012-01-09 19.01.20

This is not a very good photograph, but if you want barriers, here they are in spades. Dublin City Council decided to engage in what they laughingly referred to as “improvements” to the footpaths in our area. I arrived home from work one dark January evening to find this.  The horrible things were not removed for almost a week. 

If you look closely, you will see three mystified dogs peeping through the front door.  As for the picture quality – if you are considering buying a Blackberry, and like taking photographs – don’t do it.


Daily Prompt:  Barriers


19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Barriers”

    1. Sorry, it really is a crappy picture. They are the barriers used here for road works and so on. Placed there to stop people walking (or driving) through the wet cement. No warning, so my car was stuck in the drive until it had hardened. Two sets of barriers!

      1. You’re not telling me, are you?, that all those dreadful Irish jokes are true??? [gasp!]
        Surely you could have the Council recompense you?

      2. The way DCC works means if I took a case against them, my great grand children six times removed might get a date for the court hearing :\
        If a local election had been in progress at the time, I might have got somewhere.

      3. Oh. Gosh. Just like here. I’m such a huge fan of Local Government. NOT.
        How many levels of guvmint do you have? – we have no less than 3: federal, state and local. And not one of any of the bastards is worth a pinch of shit.
        Excuse please.

      4. Fair cheers one up from any mood to think of the worth and value of one’s political leaders, eh, Deirdre?
        Are you perchance DeeDee?

      5. What really cheered me up was when all three of my dogs decided to poop an election poster that fell down one windy day 🙂
        I actually prefer my full moniker. itsdd2 references my initials – DD 🙂

      6. I would’ve pissed meself! Glee personified.
        Okey dokey, I just thought I’d try being clever. As usual, failed.
        Deirdre it is.

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