Day Twenty Three: Publish a Roundup

instant_weekly_roundupToday’s challenge: Publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why you love the posts — and why we should read ‘em.

I was getting a little fed up with the amount of tweaking that came out of the Zero to Hero Challenge, part of why I want to take up these blogging challenges is to get away from fiddling and get on with writing! It’s hard to decide which is a favourite individual post among the wealth of posts that are published every day.  I’ve interacted with several WordPress bloggers recently and I would hate to favour one of them over another, so I’ve turned to some long-time favourite non WordPress blogs, that are always guaranteed to publish something that will be among my many favourites in any given week.

Life with Dogs – Dog insists on bringing neighbours news paper
This blog is a must-follow for any dog lover, I will bet hundreds of my co-Wordpressers have already seen it.  The post tells about a very reliable delivery-dog and I’m pretty sure that Life as a country bumpkin, not a city girl will relate to this after reading her post Country internet earlier tonight (or last night, depending on your time-zone) – oops, it’s actually tomorrow here, I should have gotten busy writing this post before midnight, instead I was Busy Browsing Blogs like the good little  Zero to Hero participant that I am.

RCPI Archive – The Irish Born Physician and the British Museum
This blog is written by my colleagues in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland Heritage Centre.  The Heritage Centre houses one of the largest collections of medical publications, along with a vast array of paintings, sculptures and other artefacts.  One item in the collections really fascinates me, the diary of Kathleen Lynn, which I posted about a long time ago.  I chose a recent post from the archive, but you know what? If you like  to combine a little bit of history with a wealth of odd facts and unusual information, take a stroll through the archives, I promise you, it’s well worth the time.

Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd – Planters: Two Spots Cafe at Swords, Co Dublin
Although we share the same family name, Peter is not a family member.  He is an old school friend of a family member. Peter has a wonderful talent for turning jungles into beautiful gardens, and turning the oddest pieces of scrap or junk into fantastic and original garden pieces.  He organises garden tours and also has an award-winning weekly podcast, aptly named The Sodshow. You will see from the picture in the post how has turned what he calls aged, rustic timber (translation, something another person threw away and he saw a use for) into beautiful, solid planters, complete with branding for the cafe that commissioned them.  A must-read for gardeners, recyclers and nature lovers.  Uncle Spike (also no relation), now that pruning has started, you might like to check in with Peter.

@FoxeinSocks – Amazing Cast Iron Facade
Now this IS a family member, the very one who introduced me to Peter (above).  Not long ago, he and his family emigrated to New York. His job there brings him to all parts of La Grande Pomme. It’s clear from the huge library of pictures he has Tweeted that he is loving his new life, and displays his newcomer’s delight in the things he sees around his new home, every day. The Write Might’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition makes me think he and @foxeinsocks may be kindred spirits.

Internet Techies – Instant Weekly Roundup : Free WordPress Plugin To Generate Weekly or Monthly Roundups In Seconds
If you intend to continue with these rounds ups, you might find this post quite useful.  I’m tempted to break my “no tweak” resolution to try this one out myself.  Time will tell.

Tee-hee… I managed to slip in a few WordPressers I follow after all Winking smile

Zero to Hero

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