Day Nineteen: Publish a post in a new-to-you format

Today’s assignment: publish a post using a format you’ve never used before.

OK, let’s try that…hmmm.. text – been there done that. What about images – every other post has an image in it.  What about one of those other types? I’ve done videos, asides, links (don’t like how they look),  quotes (would need something I want to quote first – put that on hold…). 

Let’s check the dashboard.  I just changed my theme for the umpteenth time yesterday (a curse on Day Five:  Love your theme) and settled for the first time on the colourful “Splendido”.  Which doesn’t have any post type options in the dashboard.  What else is suggested –  nooooooooo, screeeaaamm,  aarrgh – try more themes….pass!  Never mind, let’s have a look at that “New Post” link on the navigation bar –  I can access Text, Photo,  Quote, Video, and Link from there.  Good enough – let’s try “Photo”.

And here is the test:  Trust


Zero to Hero

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