Pressure: Handling it

No whining
Just don’t

Do you think you handle pressure well, or do you usually fall apart?

I have to wonder what kind of pressure the person who put this question was thinking of?  Is it in work, trying to meet a deadline, is it financial, is it emotional?

I am comfortable to say that I can handle work pressure well. Like many people these days, I am feeling the financial pinch and often end up struggling to keep up with bills – so far I’ve been keeping my head above water (barelySmile).  Now, I do worry about this, but I don’t let it get me down. As long as I have kibble for the beasties and an internet connection, I’ll survive.  Is that handling pressure, or  coping with it?

Emotional pressure – hmmm.  If you’re sad, I’ll try to cheer you up. If you need help, I’ll put my hand out.  Need a hug? I’m there.  But for God’s sake, don’t whine, and keep your perspective!  Otherwise, see that trail of dust heading for the nearest hills?  I made that.

Under Pressure – Queen – NaBloPo Mo January 2014


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