Day Thirteen: Build a better blogroll

Today’s Assignment: Create, edit, or expand your blogroll

Suggestions today are:

  •  Add hover-over text with punchy descriptions
    Oh well, I’d I already thought of the hover-over text but don’t know if my descriptions are all that “punchy”.  I found that you can also make the descriptions visible, so I did that on my “Baskerville Beasties” and “Creative People” groups. If anybody has an opinion on how these look, please comment
  • Categorise your blogroll
    Dunnit already. After I categorised, I decided to display the various categories in different link widgets. This allows me to move them around, for example I have the archive widget between “A Bit More About Me” and the “Baskerville Beasties”
  • Consider a “Links” page
    Too much work.  When you create a new page using a free template, it’s a static page, you would have to go in and edit it every time. Far easier to use the links tool. I don’t see a means of adding different widgets for different pages.  Better to try one of the templates that allows you to have different or extra side panels on your post page and your home page.  Again I wonder if there are more options on the paid templates, but as I mentioned before, I’m not willing to fork out just for the sake of an experiment.


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