Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

CHORUS_1116AIf you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

To be completely honest, If I wanted one specific person to read something, I wouldn’t put in in a blog and hope they found it. For family, friends or colleagues I would send them an email or print whatever I wanted to show them and bring it to them or send it by post. Especially if it is a personal message.  The point of blogging, for me, is to make writing available to random people. It would be nice if I ranted on about a terrible politician and that person read the post and changed their ways, but let’s be real.  The blogosphere is a huge, heavily populated place, heaving with individuals who all want to be heard, so unless you are already a celebrity blogger, the odds of a person who does not know you happening on your words of wisdom are enormous.

But to get into the spirit of this exercise.  The one specific person I want to read my blog is my imaginary perfect blog reader, who will approach my carefully crafted posts with an impartial mind. He or she will read whatever post that attracted them to my blog in the first place, and perhaps look through some other posts to get some context.  If they have something to say, they will make a comment, hopefully a friendly one, but I think I could manage to bear some criticism if it is offered politely.  I could visit their blog and return the favour.

What do I want to say to them? Isn’t it obvious?  “Come in, take a look around, talk to me, tell me what you think.”

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation – Picture from The Press-Enterprise


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