Day Two: What’s your name

What's your name?Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget.

I already decided in Daily Prompt: Progress, that I will not rename my blog until January 2015. I’m leaving the tagline because the majority of posts this year will be truly random, based mainly on Daily Prompts and any other writing challenges I take a liking to.

I added not one, but two widgets today, the Gravatar, and a text widget with a snippet from my About page.  The first one meant getting myself signed up for Gravatar, and filling in all the bits and pieces of information.  To be honest, the Gravatar was tedious and I’m not sure it was worth it, I could just as easily have created a contact page, or assembled all the information and worked it into the About page.   When I first started using Word Press I noticed that there was an option to have a “feature post” appear on the top right of your screen, but I’ve forgotten how to find it. If it still exists, it would have done the same job as the text widget.

So, not very excited with today’s assignment.

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