How did that get there?

How did that get there

So, woke up this morning and saw virgin snow – how nice to look at, but decided I wasn’t going to bother going out.  But the dogs did venture out.  Being sensible beasties, they did what they had to do and came back in as quickly as possible.

We then spent most of the day snuggled up indoors, with periodic comfort breaks for the bowlers. No human residents stirred outside.

Imagine my surprise, then, during the late afternoon canine comfort break, when I spotted this one, single, solitary footprint (circled in pic) among the dog tracks.

Anybody got any idea of how this might have happened?


3 thoughts on “How did that get there?”

  1. Strangely enough, you put it there. You stuck a shoe to a stick and then planted the footprint there and then took a photo of it and then asked people about it just to amuse yourself…. Cuz your maaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! hahahahahhahaha

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