Dumb Posters

For the life of me I cannot figure out why, in this day of multimedia, TV, internet, cinema and print newspapers, why our generally unattractive, dull and badly dressed politicians still feel they have to assault our eyes with their mindblowingly banal, badly designed and boring posters.  Given the marked lack of photogenic individuals among “Those who would be government”, be it local or national, one would think that the general populace would be spared this torture – Geneva Convention, anyone?

I’m also really curious about their communications advisors, do they pay them too much (or not enough, that would explain some of the posters…) they don’t seem to possess any best friends or even family who might care about their loved one making a complete *rse* of themselves in public, many thousand times over. Ad infinitum.  Ad nauseum…..  But one poster last week caused me to “double take”, as the bus whizzed past the many copies erected in North Strand and Amiens Street.

Dear Malachy,

While the “Vote No 1” which appears to have been belatedly tacked on to your crappy picture (the tie stands out better than your washed out face) shows reasonably clearly in the photo here… try driving past at even the snails pace that passes for motorised travel in the Dublin rush hour, and see what it looks like… all that can be seen is “Vote NO

Yours truly, confused and mobile




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