Online help – why bother?

bad-customer-service2In the last few days I tried to get some help on  a couple of  web pages


I was unable to find some information about a product for sale on and had to resort to the “Contact Us” form – which didn’t work!  So Vodafone had kindly put a comment box about whether the visitor found the information helpful or not, and a link to a place where you could expand on your comment – guess where that led to? Of course… the “Contact Us” form, which didn’t work,… sorry guys, no sale!


Due to my inability not to set up a blog on whatever social network I belong to I’ve ended up with a number of the things and I thought I would be really smart and use each of them for different topics.  This one is going to be the random one and I thought, “hey!  Why not use this one for the Digg auto post?”  Cheerfully proceeding to the “Blog Settings” option on my profile I clicked on the button and was met with a list of options for Blog Software…. which did not include Windows Live Writer.  Undeterred I bravely chose “Other (advanced setup)” – how hard could that be for God’s sake?  There is a choice of “Blog API” to make, either Blogger (Old) or Metaweblog API.  And you have to know where the “url for XML- RPC of Blog” could be found.  Easy peasy, I thought, it will be in the help section, right?   WRONG.  This is the answer:

How can I post a story on my blog?

Digg currently supports single-click blog posting to Typepad, Blogger, Live Journal, Moveable Type, and WordPress. To blog any story within Digg, simply click “Blog This.” If your blog isn’t from one of the services above, you can manually input your blog information.

REALLY, helpful… thanks a bunch folks…

Picture from:  Lemon Justice


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