Local Councillors and Junk

I am deeply curious about what led Fianna Fail Cllr Sean Paul Mahon to arrange for god knows how many A4 leaflets to be printed and dropped into the letterboxes of the house in Ardcollum Avenue, Maryfield Crescent and Drive, and presumably all the apartments in the Timbermills. 
Let’s see… the topic was  "Junk Collection" and the message was that Dublin Corporation has a free junk collection scheduled for the area every 3 years, that the last one was done in 2006 so there will be one in 2009.  Dublin Corporation, he goes on to tell us, will distribute ANOTHER leaflet in our doors giving us notice of when the collection will take place.
Now call me an idiot, but surely as this is a scheduled (albeit widely spaced in the Dublin Corporate calendar) event, it’s not exactly a major political achievement or even much of a contribution to the community to make a phone call (or, more likely, have some mug of a campaign volunteer to do it) and find out.. what? that it is a scheduled event!
Come on Sean Paul… if you are going to shove junk mail in our door at least try to make the contents useful, or relevant, or about something you did that actually makes a difference….

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