10 good things about blogging

I posted about this on Welcome to Baskerville Manor before I really got the hang of things and before that blog evolved into a doggy dedicated exercise. 
With the wealth of 8 whole weeks of experience behind me, I decided to see if I could manage 10 more things.
  1. Blogging makes you feel more creative and intelligent than playing games on Facebook (although it is just about as productive).
  2. You can make money from blogging, at least on Blogspot you can… I’ve made $5 whole dollars in 2 weeks through Adsense.  WOW!
  3. Somebody in Australia (I think it was Australia) will like your story about the heath robinson job with the glass wall panels.
  4. You can do something with those odd photographs hanging round your computer, like the spider in the bathroom (he’s now made appearances on MySpace, Picasa, Blogspot and Facebook, and hey, why not here as well).
  5. Unlike a written diary, you can go back and edit what you said before without spoiling the look of the page, thus spoiling any ambitions your family may have about having you certified on the basis of your published work.
  6. You can pretend you MEANT to have that separate blog with the mobile uploads.
  7. I did say you could swiftly run out of ideas, but the more you do it,(blogging)  the more ideas you get.  Theoretically.
  8. Unlike Facebook and MySpace, you aren’t distracted from your purpose by a raft of daft.  But if you are addicted to that stuff, watch out for those gadgets and widgets you can add to your blog…..
  9. You can spend as much or as little time as you like on each piece – the only deadlines are the ones you set for yourself.
  10. It’s kind of nice to finish the piece and hit the PUBLISH button.

But my favourite is still you can say pretty much whatever you like, without fear of interruption while you are saying it .


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