This is the way I like to see my living room


Having a quiet day today, just pottering about, not bothering too much about chores or anything in particular.  I was making myself a coffee when I turned round and spotted this arrangement on the couch.
Note the throws carefully arranged to suit themselves, the cushion casually dragged to the floor by Rocco-Elwood, another superfluous cushion discarded to the side.  Curtains dragged in several directions.
All critters content and comfortable with each other,basically just waiting to see if treats were going to materialise.
It’s moments like this that make me feel I’m living my best life.

Introducing: Gamma and Omega



So.. On the left is Gamma, about 7 weeks old, weighing in at a whopping 725 grammes. And on the right is her sister, Omega, 715g.

These are part of a litter of four that has been in the care of North Dublin Cat Rescue for some weeks now, part of the summer influx of new borns that are the inevitable result of not spaying your cat!!!!!

Previous foster mom has done a brilliant job bringing them on, but was somewhat overcrowded with fosters, so they arrived at Baskerville Manor today. They are completely fearless, nothing challenges them at all.  Already they have explored the whole house from top to bottom, have introduced themselves to all the residents and are as I write busy playing marbles (loudly) on the wooden floor of my office.  I am besotted already.

So I was a bit annoyed about something today….

Screenshot_20181216-064114 I know hurricanes are VERY BAD NEWS, but I can’t help feeling kind of pleased that they named one after me.  I have been accused, from time to time, of being overly loud or excitable, or angry, even though I was only slightly irritated or peeved at worst.  You know, the moments when you need to simply expostulate a little, release a small amount of steam, in order to return from an annoying situation into a good mood.

My normal response to such injustice would be to laugh a little and say…”you really don’t know me if you think I’m angry now…” . And I’m not joking, in my younger years I had an explosive temper, enough to be so mad at my unfaithful now ex that I cracked his shins with his own guitar and put him in hospital – not my finest hour, but very satisfying at the time.

So. To clarify, if you want to know when I am actually angry, this news story is probably what it looks like. Winking smile

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